OnOff SHIM + OLED Bonnet 128x64 display

Is there a way to make OnOff SHIM works with OLED Bonnet 128x64 display?


The OLED Bonnet pinout occupies BCM 4 and 17 for joystick center and up.
Anyone has any suggestion how to make them work together?

You would have to wire one manually across to the GPIO and adjust the software accordingly. Not easy, but possible.

As an example, before soldering the header to OLED Bonnet you could cut the pin that would ordinarily fit into BCM4 so that it doesn’t make contact, then solder a front or backside jumper wire that jumps BCM4 (on the OLED bonnet) over to BCM24.

This is a pretty invasive mod, but it would get the job done. You would have to account for the change of pin in the OLED Bonnet software but that should be easy enough.

The same could be done with OnOff SHIM by keeping it offboard and jump wiring it over to the Pi, but that would be the less tidy method.