PAA5100JE and NeoPixel on Pico

Hi there!
I’m currently running 2 optical flow sensors (PAA5100JE) on a Pico breakout garden, with the Pico running Pimoroni Micropython. I’d like to add in an LED array, particularly the round NeoPixel from Adafruit. Any idea how would I go about doing that - both in terms of firmware and hardware?
In terms of firmware, I guess the NeoPixel would run natively on CircuitPython - but then I don’t have the library for the PAAs.
On the hardware side, I currently use the Breakout Garden which slots in 2 SPI devices. I’ve noticed the holes for pin headers - would it be possible to use those to attach the Pixel? If that’s the case, which PINs are taken by the SPI and I2C, and which are vacant?
Hope someone can help me in the right direction. :-)

EDIT: Am I right to think that Micropython actually supports NeoPixels natively?! If yes, that’s awesome!

The following is what I came up with based on the schematic.

Pin GP  Function
5   3   i2c int
6   4   i2c SDA
7   5   i2c SCL

36  3V3
33  GND
29  22  CE0  CS Back
28  GND
27  21  PWM0 Backlight Back
26  20  PWM1 Backlight Front
25  19  SPI  MOSI  
24  18  SPI  SCLK
23  GND
22  17  CE1  CS Front 
21  16  SPI  MISO DC

Hi @alphanumeric, thanks for the reply!
Just trying to parse your answer (I may have come across smarter than I am 😉); does it mean that those pins are taken, but I should be fine connecting to the remaining pins? Should I be fine to solder a header on like this?

Yes, those are the pins used by the sockets on the Pico Breakout Garden Base.
You can still use the i2c pins, as long as no two devices have the same i2c address. Other i2c devices that won’t plug in the socket could be used that way.
And you can use the SPI pins if one or more of those sockets are empty. You can’t have two SPI devices using the same chip select.
The other pins not in use by the Base can be used, and accessed via a header as you have shown in your picture. If you use female headers you can use male Dupont jumpers. Male headers are fine, and soldering them in place is the way to do it.

Thanks a bunch, that cleared thing up! I’ll get my hands on some female headers. Will keep this thread updated on progress.