Phat DAC and JACK


Hi everyone

I have recently purchased, soldered and installed a Pimoroni Phat DAC on my Raspberry Pi Zero.

After installing the Pimoroni drivers I did a quick test using Sox to play some .wav files – it worked great.

Now, my next step is to get SuperCollider running with the Phat Dac and for this I need to get jack up and running. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to work with the Pi Zero / Phat Dac combination as opposed to what I would expect. When trying to start jack before launching SuperCollider I just get “Cannot initialize driver” and then some ALSA errors. What am I doing wrong? These commands work fine on Raspberry Pi 3 with the on board audio outputs but something is weird with the Phat DAC combination. I really hope you can help me out as this is for an important project of mine, here is a screenshot of the command and the error I get. Thanks so much in advance!


at a glance it is trying to access a ‘PCM’ object. For that to work with pHAT DAC you would need to create a control object with matching name.

I would suspect that the asound.conf file we supply with the Picade HAT probably would do the trick, but it’s possible I miscontrued the issue as well. Either way, here it is:


none that you require the following as part of your /boot/config.txt file:



Hi Rogue – this doesn’t do it for me unfortunately. I get the same errors as before (including after restarting). Got any other ideas before I do a fresh install ? Cheers!


Scratch that – it DOES work. Thanks!!!

I think my problem was I replaced the the hifiberry overlay with dtoverlay=i2s-mmap instead of having both there. Anyway, it works! Happy!