Phat DAC for Ubuntu Mate on RPi3


Any plans to develop an installation to support Phat DAC for Ubuntu Mate on RPi3?


None thus far, unless @RogueM feels like exploring it. It takes a lot of time and effort just to keep up with Raspbian Jessie and Jessie Lite releases and issues across our growing range of products, that makes adding additional support really difficult at the moment. We just don’t have the people-power.

Also, for better or worse, we assume that anyone making a deliberate choice to use something other than Raspbian is probably technically advanced enough to figure it out ;)

How is Mate, by the way? I found the time to write Ubuntu Mate to an SD card and boot it once, but honestly haven’t got further than that!


most of our installers work on Raspbian, Mate, PiTop and Kano OS… as in they have been tested and AFAIK work.

… now… pHAT DAC… I suspect right now it would merely be a question for me to disable the ‘roadblock’ I have implemented to disallow certain OS, simply because I have yet to ensure they work - and more importantly do not create issue where there were none.

You are probably in luck though because I’ve had plans to explore the pHAT DAC installer in particular and make it as open as possible, and I expect Mate ‘support’ to be a walk in the park so to speak… watch this space!


You are some sort of Wizard @RogueM. I don’t know how you do this. <3


actually, according to my notes I have been testing it and considered it safe to allow the script to be ran on Mate… so feel free to run:

curl | bash

… you will receive a message that your os support is experimental, but the fact it can run at all means I consider it can’t be harmful and is expected to work!