pHAT DAC Output Components



I’m intending to use the pHAT DAC with a RPi as a demonstartor for a system that will use the same DAC (PCM51xx).

Would it be possible for you to divulge the components hanging on the left and right outputs of the DAC please? Better still would be a snippet of the actual pHAT DAC circuit diagram :-)

Are they the same as the ones on the Texas Instruments evaluation board as per the diagram below?

If they are not, could you advise what components they are and their current values please?

I realise that changing components, soldering or generally modifying with the board will invalidate my warranty. I’ve no problem with that :-)

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Our out Left/Right channels use a 470Ohm resistor and a 2.2uF capacitor.


Thank you for the prompt reply. That’s perfect!




Would you be able to provide the spec for the 2.2uF caps please?

We need to change these for our application.

A part no will be sufficient as we just need mechanical dimensions really. We have tolerances etc for our requirements.

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Actually they’re 2.2nF I was looking at the wrong schematic. The DAC we’re using is the PCM5102A.


Thanks again. That’s the value we need!




I thought it might be! You’re welcome.