pHat Scroll: Editing Fonts

Hello Friends…

Cannot seem to get a font change to take effect. I’ve edited the .png file, but there’s not really a great guide on how to get that edit to actually take effect on the pHat.

Can anyone lend a hand? Running on a Pi Zero W with Rasbian Jessie. Thanks!

I can’t disagree the doc for the font making tool is particularly verbose (we can do better)!

basically, after editing the font.png you need to run the following, while inside the ‘tools’ directory:

python >

after that, where you copy that file will depends on the mechanism you used to install the scrollphat library. Try:

sudo find /usr -name | grep "scrollphat"

which should expose all instances on your system that you may want to replace.

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Very good - thanks @RogueM. I see you updated the repository as well with a shell script! Excellent! Quite a bit easier indeed!

Would you suggest a specific editor for that .png file? I seem to be having issues getting the font file I redesigned to load (I just get no letters).

EDIT: I see why - when runs, it doesn’t seem to actually pull from the .png file - therefore no characters (ex: font = {32: []. 33: [] ...

hum, it worked for me using Gimp… what editor were you using? I guess the saved files exported at your end can’t be interpreted.