Pi 400 and internal SATA SSD

I am wondering if its possible to fit a Western Digital 250gB internal SSD into a Pi 400 if its possible it would seem to be a great solution to using a micro card.

There is no SSD interface (internal or external) on a Pi 400. You would have to set it up to use USB boot.

I already have a SSD drive that boots the Pi but it would be great if it were inside the case rather than a lump attached to a usb port, I realise I would have to use the usb port but it would only be just the cable coming out of a hole and plugging in to the usb port.

I’ve seen some custom 3d printed cases that can house a SSD via USB3 under the Pi400.

There’s a video of an example here: leepspvideo - Raspberry Pi 400 SSD case

Might fit the usage you have in mind? 🤷

This is just what I am looking for, the only big problem is I don’t have a 3D printer!! I wonder if this will be offered as a kit of parts at sometime in the future. Many thanks for pointing me in this direction it will be something to aspire too. I have found the Pi 400 ideal for what I am capable of, I first started with computing when a Nascom 1 was cutting edge. And you programmed in machine code to get it to do anything!

It’s pretty cramped for space inside the Pi 400. I had my first one apart trying to fix a keyboard issue. That was a few years back. There should be a tear down or two videos out there if you so a search. That would get you a look see inside without actually having to take yours apart. ;)

I did a quick search right after posting and found this.
The Raspberry Pi 400 Teardown - YouTube

I now have one, but before I just ordered prints on a market-place. If you search around, there might be someone near you offering this service. It was always a fair deal. This is especially simple if you already have a model that is known to work.

Something similar I made for a Pi4: 3D design m.2 SSD Holder for Raspberry Pi3 and Pi4 | Tinkercad

In general, if space is a concern, the m.2 ssd + adapter should be much smaller than an internal ssd-drive, so this might also be an option for the Pi400.