PI Zero connections

Hi, I am new to PI so please excuse my simple questions.
I have bought a Zero W, a Noobs SD card and Enviro+ and am keen to get it working. From what I could find on the web I believe I cannot configure this just using my laptop so need to find a screen and keyboard/mouse.
I have a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse (MK700/710) on my old desktop and so need an adapter for the USB, I think that is A socket to Micro B?
I hope to borrow a screen so that will need another adapter, HDMI fulls size to mini.
Would someone please confirm these parts before I place my order.

There is this kit which will tell you what size each connector is etc.

For the HDMI monitor I use this, I like just the one long cable with no adapter in the mix.

and for the USB I use this, the ethernet comes in really handy for setting up Motion Eye OS.
Again I like this one mainly because it plugs right in with no adapter in the mix.

You are going to need a male GPIO header on the Pi Zero W to plug in the Enviro+. If it didn’t come with one.

My personal preference is to ditch NOOBS and reflash my SD card with just Raspbian. Its a little more work flashing the card but worth it IMHO, especially if you are only ever going to use Raspbian.
You can get it here, and there is a link to an installation guide.

I just use Etcher to image my cards. I almost always run the Buster with desktop.

You can configure the Pi for remote access via SSH. I have never done it but there are guides out there on how to do it. It requires a few edits to files on the SD card to setup the WIFI to run on first boot up.
I do remote into some of my Motion Eye OS setups VIA SSH. I run Putty on my PC and it makes it a snap to get remote access.


Thanks alphanumeric,
I have now ordered the adapters which, as I have now found the monitor has DVI and not HDMI, one of those as well.
The link on “How to connect…” could actually save me using them as I already use PuTTY and WinSCP to tinker with my PI 3 Media Player. This article actually seems to give me the Info I need to set up the zero headlessly. I will try that first.
My Zero has the a GPIO header and I have already fitted Enviro+ so that hurdle is crossed.
If I do have to run a desktop I will start with Noobs but switch if I need to go into it regularly. For the little I do hopefully command line and text editing should suffice.
Thanks again.

I’m also recycling some of my old monitors which are DVI. The only downside to that, if you want to call it one, is no sound. Not without an extra cable or extra set of speakers. For what I use my Pi for its not a big deal.
I hope it all works out for you. I usually install Raspbian with Desktop, the middle image between lite and full. If that Pi is going to run headless I just go into raspberry Pi configuration and set it to boot to command line instead of the Desktop GUI. It’s what works for me. YMMV, ;)

My Zero is going to be dedicated to Envro+ and working outdoors, so it having an OS isn’t too important as long as I can wifi connect to it for ‘maintenance’.
I would like it to have a static ip but as yet I haven’t found where that is set, perhaps I will have to use Noobs after all !

Check this info for setting WiFi noobs is a bootloader,it will have multiple choices ,depending if you us a older noobs or the latest noobs

Thanks that will do nicely!

Thanks’ Jack. I’m not a big fan of NOOBS to be honest. It changes the file folder structure just enough to make some tutorials very hard to follow. Things aren’t where they normally would be.

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