Pi Zero W case top not clear - SAND IT?

My case for the Zero W had a protective layer on the black bottom but the top seems to be finished in a matte white.
I have picked at it with excellent fingernails from all edges and angles on both sides.
So something else must be required. I am a carpenter and tool guy.

1. I have lots of sandpaper up to 5000 grit wet/dry. But if that’s a wrong fix, that mar the product.
2. Or should I use a solvent (maybe acetone)? Easy to imagine this might cause problems.

This isn’t a big deal for me, but I think there must be others with the same problem.

On every Pibow Case I have bought, its an off white peal off layer.

Thank you, AlphaNumeric.

I had spent 10 to 15 minutes spread over 3 sessions trying to get an edge to left on both sides, because it the white was on both sides. So at least half of that time was wasted, because it’s only on one side.

I took it to my wife and showed her how it was supposed to work…
AND IT WORKED! It peeled up perfectly.

Sorry for wasting the forum’s time…

Nah, don’t worry about it. This stuff happens.
I do believe that covering is to protect the sheet under it when they ship them in a stack. The full sheets that is, before they are cut to shape to make a case. It’s just easier and faster for the reseller to leave them on for us to peel off, and it also offers some protection in shipping. The layers can’t rub against each other in the box from vibration.
They can be a bit of a pain to get off some times though.