Pi Zero W to be an access point AND maintain a Wifi client connection at the same time



My goal is to get the Raspberry Zero W, be an access point, but without being able to connect to the wifi network.
My intention is to tinker with Piui http://blog.davidsingleton.org/introducing-piui/, through the mobile can change what the rpi zero w shows on the screen. So cool! Tickling!

My first problem is that my knowledge of how to configure the system is very short. I am afraid to lose the wifi connection. I connect to the rasbperry by RealVNC (one usb, I do not have a USB powered HUB or a wireless mouse and keyboard, and I have to go swapping the mouse and keyboard).

I have read this article but do not specifically talk about the driver for Rasbperry Zero W. For example, this /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules file was already with another name.

The iw list command seems to indicate that if it could be used as wifi i as AP. Here is the output

Any charitable soul here?
The operating system is PIXEL, which came with the pi zero w starter kit.

Thanks for your attention.


Why do you need the Pi to be an access point in order to tinker? If your PC, phone and the Pi are on the same Wifi network, you can web browse to the Pi on your phone, while you are VNC’ or SSHd into the Pi from your PC…

If you have the latest Jessie image from raspberrypi.org, you have the wifi drivers included for the PiZeroW.


Forgive me, maybe I did not explain myself well (and I have also failed to put an article link on what I really asked for help!):

http://www.0xf8.org/2016/02/using-your-raspberry-pi-zeros-usb-wifi-adapter-as-both-wifi-client-and-access-point/ (article talk about RPi Zero’s USB wifi adapter, not RPi Zero W

My intention is to use the rpi zero w to be able to put on a screen, show things and through the cell to be able to modify them. In the place where I will put the rpi will not connect to the wifi network. I can think of some applications:

  • A directory of a health center that indicates where to go (if there is any change t will be easy to change with the cell phone)
  • A contest of questions and answers, where participants can use their mobile to participate

Then, when returning home, next to his computer brother, rpi will connect to wifi and can be easily updated.

In short, with WiFi is development and as AP for the party time.

And everything points to that is possible, right?

Thanks in advance