Pi zero w unicorn phat pin connections

I got my first phat unicorn with the mood kit. Unfortunately I soldered the pins in the wrong side (towards the light). I am no using the jumpers to connect the phat to pi zero w on 5v (pin 2), pin 12 PWM0 and pin 9 GND as shown in https://pinout.xyz/pinout/unicorn_phat.

Here is what is happening -
Only one bulb is lighting up. When I run commands in python, NOTHING happens. detect.py detects the phat.

I have tried updating the software, reinstalled from scratch (twice), changed the pi zero w, redirected the audio and everything that I found on the internet listed as issues…

Also, even when I have powered off the pi zero (power cord is still attached to the pi), the light stays on.

Please help!!!


What commands are you trying to run?

How are you running the examples?

Did you use the one line installer?

If the power chord is still attached and your hat is wired straight up to the 5V and Ground pins, then it will keep receiving 5V power, even whilst the Pi is turned off.

You can, with a bit of fiddling around, use a solder sucker in order to remove your header and try putting it back on the right way round, so it’s not impossible! :D

Connect more ground pins until it works :) it’s probably a grounding issue.

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