PI4b 8gb Crashes on Video Playback


I’m literally in hour one of Pi ownership so please be gentle!

Every time I try and play a video in Chromium, the Pi freezes and can’t be reset.

I’ve just set up a 4b 8gb desktop edition for my daughter and it is completely stock. Beyond using the supplied NOOBS SD Card for initial OS setup and connecting it to WiFi and letting it update, I have not installed any software. I’m using it with an AOC 22 inch monitor which is fresh out of the box, connected directly from the Pi via the supplied HDMI cable and I’ve tried videos on YouTube and BBC (accessed through Chromium).

I’ve done the standard googling to see if this is a common issue and can’t see anything obvious, I’d be so grateful if anybody has any ideas?

Thank you 🙏

I’d reimage your card with straight PiOS and ditch NOOBS.
Raspberry Pi OS – Raspberry Pi
My recommendation is the middle image that has the desktop GUI but not all the recommended software. I’m a fan of just installing what you need.

Thank you!

I’m probably being really thick but is that different from the one that came with the Pi on the bundled SD card? My desktop looks like it’s running Rasapian?!

Noobs can install Raspbian / PiOS. It’s just that it adds extra bits to allow you to switch operating systems. The file structure and folder structure is altered from the stock PiOS install. If you only going to ever run PiOS it just complicates things when you try to follow a tutorial that requires modifying config files etc.
It could also be an older version of PiOS, it all depends on when the card was imaged by the supplier.
If you issue is a software issue, starting over with a fresh image should fix it. It’s up to you if you want to do that, I’d understand if you didn’t.
I don’t have the Linux skills to dig deep and see what’s happening. You could just wait and see if somebody else has a better suggestion.