Pibrella 1.1.7 now on pip!

I’ve merged the Pibrella testing branch and pushed the result, Version 1.1.7, to pip for all to enjoy.

You should be able to upgrade with:

pip install pibrella --upgrade

Changes include:

- Fixed buzzer to stop after playing melody
- Wrapped changed/pressed/released so they can be registered simultaneously
- Added "len" to pin collections, to support random.choice(pibrella.light)
- Added error if run without root

Thanks goes to @ben for making me realize that “pibrella.light”, “pibrella.input” and “pibrella.output” should support len() so that they work directly with random.choice. You can now do things like:

import pibrella, time, random
while True:
    light = random.choice(pibrella.light)
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As a quick note, to combat issues with pip on newer versions of Raspbian ( or possibly other systems ) I have now pushed Pibrella 1.2 as Production/Stable.

I think it’s been out in the wild long enough for most quirks to be ironed out, so this is an unceremonious version bump just to highlight the change of development status.

This version also includes support for the Python “with” keyword, which might come in useful depending on your style of coding. There’s a new example in the GitHub repo showing it in action: “random-blink.py

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I was playing around with this today… Awesome stuff!


Great work guys!