Picade 8" - Great unit - Have some questions about screen, power, audio, etc

First off, love this unit. I’m running RetroPie and a PI4 and it’s great.

First Question - Does the screen OSD actually save the settings? Is there a way to do this programatically? I think the ansers are no, and no, but seems odd to have an OSD for the screen and yet never save the settings (like a monitor).

Second Question - When I press the power on (side of case) it takes about 6 seconds before I see any activity/lights come on from inside the unit. What’s it’s doing and why the delay. I would expect that the side power would just light up immediately, but, it seems like it’s not working, but then 5-6 seconds later, it will light up, and I’ll see lights come on inside the unit. Anyone else notice this? Is this normal?

Third Question - Has only gotten the N64 emulator to work using the stick with analog emulation? I’ve seen posts about how to do it, and I’ve tried a few things, but I feel like I’m just throwing darts, since I have no idea what some of these posts are talking about. Does anyone have a retroarch.cfg for the N64 that works with the picade?

Fourth Question - I created a HELP png and I’m trying to figure out how to best utilize this. ie, if I hand this to someone, they are not going to know where start/select/coin/a/b/x/y, etc are located (without playing around). So I thought it would be nice if I could boot into emulation station with a custom collection with a single “HELP” selection that show help to someone before they start playing around. Has anyone done anything similar?

Some things that I have figured out, and I’d be willing to share if anyone is interested.

  • Adjust the volume in a game using Hotkey + Stick Up/down
  • Turn off all bezels for everything, since, on the 4/3 display, I found that it was obscuring the game area in most cases. It is tedious to do this per core, so I turned it off system wide
  • Have the background music play at a different volume than the game play

I’ve really been enjoying setting this up, and hoping that others can help me figure out some other things.