Picade building issues

I am wiring up the picade and have a couple of issues

I the speaker wires. It say to but pressure on the clips and push the wire in. However no matter how hard I push I cannot get the wires in. I have watched the video and it’s unclear what you need to do.

Also having issues with the power button have 4 contacts. U am not such which are which, don’t seem to be able to get the wires on any of them can you give any help.

Is the end of the speaker wire stripped and tined with solder?
They use those same connectors on the pHat Beat. I just push down gently on the end of the tabs where the little notch is. When you get it right the end of the wire should just slide in.
Your supposed to be able to insert the tinned end of the wire without pushing on them. And only have to press the tabs down to remove the wire.

If that is an illuminated switch there should be two contacts to light it up and two for the switch part. One of these videos will likely show you how its hooked up.

I have fitted them on the pirate radio kit. These wint go in . The instruction say press down but nothing seems to happen. Ends are looking a bit bent as I have tried to put them in loads of times

They have tin ends

I don’t know what to tell you then? I don’t own a Picade.

i broke [changing the speakers to often ]the clips on mine on the pHat beat ,had to solder speaker wires to the contact

Read the end of this thread for my experiences with this issue…

they are delicate, hotGlue them or as i did solder the wires with my phat beat

do I just need to glue them in place. I have never used hot glue. its quite frustrating. I am sure when I wired a phat beats they just pushed in.

May have to mark this project as a fail :(

its been a long time since i used the clips ,you just push in the wire and push down on the clip ,that how i remember it anyway ,not sure why mine broke ,maybe i was using a wire diameter to big for the plug, i soldered thes but have use a hot glue gun from a dollar store,for simuler fixes ,only 3 or 5 dollars and they usually have a few stick of glue in the package

Hi do I just but glue on the wire and push them in as far as possible?

I wouldn’t. For the speakers to work you have to have good “electrical” contact between the bare wire tip and the metal contact in the speaker connector. Putting hot glue on the tip of the wire may just make things worse and insulate it.

It’s up to you, but if it was me, I’d just push harder on the clips until the wires went in. If one breaks, then I’d just solder the wire in place like Jack does.

Have a good look see in the holes where the wires go first just to make sure there isn’t something in there blocking them, a manufacturing defect or something?

You also have the option of e-mailing Pimoroni tech support via the following link, and ask them what they think. If you do that I’d put a link to this thread in the e-mail.