Picade X Hat Speaker connection

Is there a technique to get the speaker wires in to the X Hat ? The instructions say to press on the clips and I’ve tried this. I’ve poked them at different positions but the wires don’t go any further in and they come out as soon as I let go of them. Is there a pressure point to aim for or an angle to press at ?

you need to lift or push down[ i just forget witch ] on the clips towards the back of the plugin …and push the wires in under the clip

The instructions say press. I thought that pulling up sounded more sensible but I don’t want to damage the connectors. Does anyone know if pulling up is the right answer?

if you just gently do it either way , they shouldn’t break .

but i have to admit i broke the ones on my pHat beat ,but im generally rough with my pi stuff ,lol ,i fixed it by soldering the wires on …

I managed to get the wires in by levering the clips up with a screwdriver. I’ve got a Picade Console and I had to take the side panel off to get a low enough angle to lever them up.

I assembled the Picade Console following the provided instructions and they tell you to fit the wires after you have fitted everything apart from the top and back of the case. I am a retired programmer, I can handle software but hardware is a bit of a mystery to me. Maybe hardware experts have the dexterity to do stuff like this but the order of assembly seems a bit odd to me,

Anyway, I’ve got sound now, and the Picade Console is a great device once you’ve put it together.

great job,enjoy your Picade

I just gently press down on them while trying to insert the wire. I slowly press harder until the wire slides in.
I think the original intent was you press fit your wires in without doing anything to the clips. And press down on the tabs to remove them. It you tin the ends of your speaker wires with solder that might actually work.
I prefer pressing them down when inserting or removing the wires. I also have the pHat Beat, same connectors, not sure it they are the same size as what’s on the Picade Hat.