Picade Buster RPI 4 and volume in retropie

Hi All.

I have just built and am enjoying my PIcade…However I wanted to run retropie via Buster on a RPI 4…however when I do the Audio Device has no software volume control within Buster…when I access retropie…I cannot change the volume as it says the audio device is disabled or not found… The volume is then much too loud!!

Does anybody else have this problem and is there a way around it other than just installing the Retropie image?

Many Thanks

Hi @Largefry,

Dredging up an old post here in the hope you found some solution in the meantime…?

Others still suffering the same thing - eg. here and here.


Hi sallonoroff

Good to hear from you… when I wrote that I only saw a couple of people with those issues with no resolution.

Basically I couldn’t get Retropie on RPI 4 to work correctly within Buster on a picade…but on a 3 b+ the problem goes away…at least for me.

So thats what I’m using currently…I want the combo of buster and Retropie as the picade is great for watching youtube etc and is a good OS.

I will restart the project of trying to get a rpi4 to work in picade correctly but a 3 b+ does a great job apart from N64 games are a bit slow…

Hope that helps…good luck 😀👍

Thanks for replying - sadly i’ve run into the issue using a RPi3!

Oh no!
Post some details of what version of buster you have
What version of Retropie you have and I’ll compare with mine…

Can you control volume of buster via the sound icon in the task bar?.. i.e. play you tube etc correctly with decent volume?
Right click and check that you have an volume bar on pcm playback

Thanks. I’m running RetroPie 4.7.1, installed with their image directly, so i don’t know details of the Raspbian exactly but I believe it’s Buster.

I like your idea of trying YouTube etc but I can’t work out how - or if it’s even possible - to start the normal Raspbian desktop with this setup? Using startx in the CLI having dropped out of emulationstation didn’t work.

The issue isn’t yet fixed but I have at least been able to reduce the volume now with alsamixer as per this other thread.


Glad you got your volume sorted… That method didn’t work for me sadly on RPI4.

It dosnt sound like you have raspbian installed… That’s why the startx didn’t work…
When you get a moment…use another spare sdcard…Download raspbian and then from there… Install Retropie… There are loads of forums on this…

It allows you toggle between the normal raspbian os or Retropie… Have fun 👍