Picade Hat Button Problems


Hi there, just got your Picade-Hat and build an arcade with it.
I got Problems mapping all my Buttons.

Jostick work all.
Start - Work
Select - Work
Power off - Work
Button A - Work

Sound works

The rest of the Buttons wont work at all.

What can i do?

Thx in advance.



I tryed a Firmware Update.
A reinstall.
Measured all wires and Buttons with a multimeter for Shorts.
Isolated the Picade Hat undersite to prevent Shorts.

Joystick works. Power on/off. Start. Select. Button A.


So had now isolated the whole underside. The Soldering points are very high colliding with the HDMI Port and Processor cooling.

The Picade hat had to be fit very very tight on the Pi. Then i got it to work exept one Button.