Picade Joystick Up And Down producing same gpio output

I just received my Picade 8" and assembled it with a raspberry pi 4B + original power source.
HDMI/Sound/Buttons/Power Button are all working.

My problem is the joystick is not working correctly. The Joystick UP and DOWN directions are producing the same output in gpio. So when trying to set up the Keys in EmulationStation, I get an error that “Key is already bound” when trying to set up Joystick Down after having set up Joystick Up in the previous step.

Here is a screenshot of the gpio readall output, where I could verify that both GPIO.22 and GPIO.26 are changing when pressing either UP or DOWN.

Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this further?

I already verified that the orientation of the joystick connector on the Picade X Hat is correct. If I reverse the orientation of the connector, I get output for only one single Joystick direction in gpio, and no output for the three other directions.

At the moment I believe either my Joystick or my Picade X Hat must be defect.

If you have a multimeter you can check the joystick output pins.

For each joystick direction, test the continuity between the ground pin and the pin for that direction. When the joystick is in the central position there should be no continuity, and when you move the joystick in the direction that you’re testing, you should get continuity.

Ok, Thank you for the hint. Seems like the stick internals are faulty. When the stick is in either up or down position, there is continuity on BOTH the pins for up AND down. I’ll contact support.