Picade Lighting!

So this was mentioned a bit in the Improvements to Picade thread. But I thought I’d put this separately, as it’s a big mod topic!
There’s possibilities for lighting behind the marque, on the back door, and around the button and joystick controls.
You could then wire them to be responsive to your inputs or independent!

To start off, check out these photos of a few designs to mount a Neopixel ring around the joystick.

So the carrot has been dangled!

Liking this idea, especially the lights around the joystick / buttons! However, not got the funds available for the PiCade just yet as I’m in the process of moving house and the wife prefers money to be spent on removal men rather than gadgets…

One day…

Idea for lighting for people with zero soldering skills (like myself) - I am trying a usb plugin led strip along the underside of the top case.

That looks awesome!
Can you control the LED colour with that?


No its just a single neon blue strip of leds that I’m going to put an on/off switch onto. The strips are just a few £ , but now you’ve said that I want to find a colour change set !

I’ve used these before.

But they’re 12v :(

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