New Picade - Marquee Back Light

So, I want to add a little LED strip behind the marquee on my new Picade…where’s the best spot to pull the power from? Is there enough juice available from the hat connection for the LED illuminated power switch?



You should be able to use the 5v connection on the “HACK HEADER”- without knowing what lights you’re using, though, I can’t say if there will be enough current to run them without risking voltage drop on the Pi. I don’t know what headroom it has.

Thanks for the quick reply. After taking another look at the new cabinet style, it may not be easy to pull off a backlight in a ‘clean manner’ as there could be significant light spread from the gap underneath (not too difficult to fix though). I’ll experiment with a small light strip of 5V white LED form the HACK HEADER and report back…;-)



Actually, looks like you can buy a lot of USB LED light strips, so power problem shouldn’t be an issue…