Picade - missing M4 bolts & nuts


I seem to be missing a load of the M4 bolts & nuts from the Picade kit

Is this normal? Seems like a really cheap thing to scrimp on putting into the kit


Unfortunately I’ve found I’ve got the same problem; I’d already began to build before I noticed ha! It appears to be an excellent piece of kit beside this oversight.


Absolutely not normal. It looks like a mistake was made in some of the kits, so we’re taking proactive action to rectify it! Sorry about that.

Update: We’ve mailed out bolt packs to anyone who ordered a Picade recently and who we think might be affected. We reckon at most 10 boxes went wrong. They should arrive anywhere between 1 and 7 days depending on where in the world you are. Give us a shout if otherwise!


I hope that includes me! I sent an email to support yesterday morning and haven’t heard anything back