PicadeX Stereo solution?


I have my original PiCade with the old Picade board that had stereo outputs. I bought a PiCadeX to upgrade the PiCade to a Pi4 and have just noticed that this only supports mono output. I’d like to retain the stereo output to both speakers if possible and wondered if anyone had any suggestions?


What impedance are the speakers, 4 ohm or 8 ohm. You may be able to drive two speakers with mono. Same sound coming out of both speakers.

4ohm 3watt. I did wonder if that might be possible initially, but ideally I wanted to keep stereo. I’m just about to order a USB soundcard and I’ve found a 5v 2x3w amp board that I’ll try to use. So long as I can get the sound out of the USB card and it isn’t forced out of the PicadeX

You’l likely have to tell it to use the USB sound. Normally you’d do this by right clicking the speaker icon in the tray, and selecting what you want to do the sound.

Got it working fine with a small amp circuit bought from eBay years ago. Runs on 5v from the hack ports on the hat. image

That will do it. =)
I used something similar on one of my builds. I used a Tip Ring Sleeve pigtail cable to plug into the Pi’s headphone jack. Then fed that to the amplifier breakout, that powers two 3 Watt speakers. Latter on I added a dual logarithmic potentiometer for volume control.