Pico breakout garden pack

I’m probably being a bit thick here but how does the Pico breakout garden pack fit on the Pico. I can’t find a photo on the web to show how it goes together.

Is it back to back as in this photo

As awkward as that looks, yes that’s how they plug together. It’s done that way so you can access the Boot Select Button.

Thanks for yet another quick response.

If you work for Pimoroni could I suggest adding a photo like mine to the breakout webpage.

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I don’t work for Pimoroni, just an enthusiast that likes to help out when I can.
There is a “contact us” link on the shop page that will let you e-mail Pimoroni tech support.
Contact Us for Raspberry Pi Technical Support – Pimoroni

Well maybe they should employ you. I think you have answered most of my questions 😁😁
Thanks again

I’m retired and kind of like it that way. Plus I’m on the other side of the big pond.
I live in Canada eh. =)

I’m a retired electronic technician which helps a lot on forums like this one. On the other side of the coin my Linux skills are noob level at best. And I learned Python the hard way, self taught. I’m about average skill wise there.

This IMHO, will make life easier for using your PICO breakout garden.
Pico Omnibus (Dual Expander) – Pimoroni
Or even this,
Pico Decker (Quad Expander) – Pimoroni

I have an omnibus with a display pack on it. Kind of wishing I had got the bigger decker instead. The Captain Resseti is a nice mode to a PICO. So much easier than unplugging the usb cable to reboot it.
Captain Resetti (Pico Reset Button) – Pimoroni

I wish they’d added a resetti button to the Pico Explorer…

I have one “on the PICO” I have plugged into my Breakout Garden Base. It gets used a lot. I think all my PICO’s now have Resseti buttons on them. All the official full sized ones anyway.

I retired about 15 months ago. I should have retired last Friday but Covid scared me into early retirement. I had a 3 hour daily commute on public transport, I didn’t like my chances of avoiding Covid so I quit early.
I worked in IT PC Support for a bank. I like to use the command line on Linux but I’m no expert.
I enjoy learning and using Python and am also learning Circuit and MicroPython.
I have a reasonable electrical knowledge and a very basic electronics knowledge.

Almost forgot, I dropped the Pimoroni uf2 file on to a new Pico, plugged in the pack and the led dot matrix display.
I downloaded for examples and it worked perfectly.
I’ll have to look at the autoboot. I saved the example as main.py but it didn’t run when I plugged the setup into a 5v power bank.

You didn’t maybe accidentally save it to your PC instead of to the PICO?
I’m running a modified version of the PICO Explorer Weather example on my Breakout Garden base. Saved as main.py it runs on power up.