Pico breakout grdn ok on Omnibus

Bit of an elementary question but -

Which way round should Pico Breakout Gardens go on the Omnibus decks? Is this the correct way round on deck 1?

If it’s the same as the other Pico packs, it should be labelled on the underside?

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Look on the bottom of the Breakout Garden, the end that lines up with the USB jack on the PICO is usually marked.

@ahnlak beat me too it, his post wasn’t visible when I “slowly” started typing my response. :)

Thanks @alphanumeric and @ahnlak . Yes, what threw me was the printed pin out, against the male headers,

on the Omnibus but of course it’s got to be a right to left reflection of the Pico’s pin out. The two breakouts and the display are all working but independently so now I just need to get my Micropython code all into main.py .

Yeah, I had to think about that for a second or two when I used mine. The PICO would normally be face down under your Pack, not face up beside it. Which flips things around.

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