Piglow email notify


Can anyone recommend a piglow email notifier script that they like? I have tried these two with no luck.

link 1



I have actually written a GMail email notifier before. If you’re willing to stick the piglow compatible stuff in, I can post the code.


I got the link 2 in the OP above script to work fine in LX terminal. The terminal window will correctly say my email count. The piglow script part is another matter. The piglow lights up fine when I first run the program but as soon as I make my gmail inbox zero all piglow lights go out and piglow will not light up again with any new subsequent emails. This project as originally coded to check for a new email rather than an empty inbox, I don’t know if that makes a difference or not. I have also made the new mail offset 0 ie zero with no luck. I made the file executable. Running Raspbian. Any suggestions to try or another completely different script to share…thanks.

Can look at the code here

Or can look here