Pim447 Trackball Help Needed

Hello all, I want to build a miniature Raspberry Pi-4 (I’m totally new to RaspberryPi) based Centipede game using the roms from my old Centipede cabinet so I will be using RetroPie emulation. I just ordered a Pim447 Trackball and I was wondering if I can get help / instructions on how to wire the breakout board to the RaspberryPi board as well as how to program it.
Thanks in advance. 👍

There are several options for connecting it. One way to do it is to solder on the right angle female header that comes with it and plug it straight onto the bottom left 5 pins on your Raspberry Pi’s GPIO header (pins 1, 3, 5, 7, 9).
Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout

Install instructions are here,
pimoroni/trackball-python: Python library for the Pimoroni Track Ball Breakout (github.com)

Thank you for the diagram and the link. 👍
Is that gpio pinout the same for pi-4?

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All Pi’s with the 40 pin GPIO header have that same pinout.

Awesome. Thank you.
I also have the Dragon’s Lair DVD box set so I think I’m going to make some iso images, add Daphne to RetroPie and either build a mini D.L. cab with a 2nd Pi board and display or use one mini cab with a swappable control panel. So now it’s off to Lightburn to come with cabinet ideas to send to my laser cutter.

Thank you again,