Pimoroni Audio conflict GPIO 18

Hi Folks, I am trying to make an Orac (AKA Blake’s Seven) style Raspberry Pi. My issue I have is the Fan with LED lights is connected via GPIO 18 Pin and so is my Pimoroni Audio 3 W Speaker. When I run the lights the sound goes off and when the audio is on the lights go off. Has any one a simple solution to this. Alas I am not very technical. I would appreciate any help out there?

What fan is it? Can you attach the lights to a different pin?

Hi, it is Fan (4 wire version) with built in LEDs , supplied for a Geeekpi minitower. The Fan is controlled via GPIO 14 and the LEDs via GPIO 18.

I could change the pin on the software and use some tools to move the wires to a new pin, what pin would you suggest?

It rather depends on what else you have attached - “an unused one” is the best I have :-)

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