Pimoroni Micropython on Wiznet 5500 Pico

Hi there!

I have the Wiznet W5500-EVB-PICO board and would like to run the Pimoroni version of MP on it to take advantage of the libraries (I am using the SGP30 breakout and WaveShare dust sensor on it)

However the Pimoroni flavour doesnt have support for the ethernet. I think I either have to get the nic = network.WIZNET5K(spi,Pin(17),Pin(20)) working in Pimoroni flavour micropython, or get the Wiznet Micropython and import the pimoroni_i2c and breakoutSGP libraries over. I cannot work out how to do ether of these things though!

Any guidance or pointers would be greatly appreciated!


Have a look see at this. Might help?

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This is perfect! Thank you!