Pirate Audio 3W Amp - Raspberry Pi 2B No sound

I just got my board and I’m trying it in a couple of RPI. First a 2B, display ok, even shows the name of the song, but no audio. Then a rpi4 which finally worked (dtparam=audio=off probably) back to the 2B and again no sound. Any idea what could be happenning? Something to try?

hi, did you check raspi-config to see where the sound was set to go ,No Audio on Raspberry Pi: A helpful, illustrated guide – Fun Consumer Tech

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Thanks a lot, excellent article. Unfortunately I think I’ve tried all of this. I’m thinking perhaps the Rapsberry Pi 2B+ is too old for the Pirate audio board.

yeah, i was going to say that ,but i didnt know for sure if it was to old

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