Pirate Audio Amplifier Output Specifications


The Pirate Audio looks perfect for my Project, but I haven’t been able to find any specifications for the device, in particular the Audio Amplifier Output Specifications.

I notice from the Product Page that a number of speakers are offered as being suitable for this device and they all seem to be 4 Ohm types. We have a couple of speakers laying around doing nothing, but I’m uncertain of their impedance other than being of a ‘certain age’ they are probably 8 Ohm.

How forgiving is the amplifier in this device? Would the it deliver anywhere near 3 W if it was working into 8 Ohms?

Also. Is it 3 W rms or 3 W ‘Music Power’ (or something else)?

Answering myself, (in part), I’ve found a reference to using 8 Ohm speakers in this Tutorial.

Any responses on the kind of Watts delivered?

You might get a faster answer on Twitter, I’m afraid the Pimoroni folks are a bit intermittent here.