Pirate Audio Line Out - Screen Not Changing Track Info


I am running the Pirate Audio line board on a brand new Zero W and have it set up using TuneIn and Youtube (audio from youtube videos) and all is working fine including the screen however…

The screen will display the track information correctly on the first track played after a reboot but when the track is changed either by using the Iris web interface or the track advance button on the Pirate Audio board the track information does not change and just stays stuck showing the first played track information.

I am not a complete novice when it comes to Pi(s) but this issue has me stumped and looking through the forums here and on Google I can’t see anyone else having a similar issue.

Seems strange as otherwise everything including the screen is working perfectly and it would make more sense if the screen displayed no track info at all. Just seems to not refresh once it grabs the data for the first time.

Would really appericiate any help with this because I only really got the Pirate Audio board for it’s screen.