Pirate Audio Y button not working

Hello I can not seem to get the Y button to work. I have the Pirate Audio running with Volumio with AxLED pulgin.

I have reinstalled multiple times and add lines to the boot file from other posts I have found that said are need to make the buttons work. The other 3 work fine just the Y. I also try it on a different PI zero and the same. Has there been any problems with the Pirate Audie ( headphone one) with the buttons?

Older Pirate Audio boards have button Y on GP20, on newer boards it’s on GP24. Might be worth trying swapping the pin numbers in your code?

A little more info there - there’s a set-up option in the Volumio plugin which is designed to do the pin swap between 20 and 24, so try playing with it (no need to adjust anything in the code, just the settings).

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Thank you DarrenHill that worked.

Great, thanks for the update!