Pirate Audio X Y Buttons Not Working

Can’t figure this out, I have the pirate audio up and running and can playback audio but the X/Y buttons aren’t working. Saw a thread on github that said older pi0 (mine is v1.1) might need the gpio pins reassigned but then there was a followup that the pins are already in use.

Since I can’t google my way out of this I’m guessing it’s a very uncommon issue or I did something wrong.

It’s Compatible with all 40-pin header Raspberry Pi models

What’s your setup, software wise? What guide did you follow etc?

Button X is Pin 36 GPIO 16
Button Y is Pin 18 GPIO 24
Pirate Audio 3W Amp at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout

I followed the guide here Pirate Audio: Line-out for Raspberry Pi – Pimoroni but as stated on your link

Button Y
On older boards you might find button Y on GPIO 20.

And since everything except buttons X/Y work it made sense that was what the issue was linked to.

OK, older version of the Pirate Audio, I was thinking older versions of the Pi.
this example should help you sort it out.

You could edit it to the other values to see if they then work.

I read it the same way I thought they were talking about older versions of pi if it’s older pirate boards then that can’t be it because I just got this one in last week and I bought it direct from pimoroni.

Anyway since I’m not great with software and I couldn’t find a quick way to test the gpio pins I just hit the solder points on the buttons and the gpio header again and now the buttons are working. I appreciate the help now I just have to figure out how to get my youtube music account up and running. Thank you.

That display is shared with a few other products. Button layout too. At some point they figured out that if they kept things consistent coding would be easier. So they revised the board, pin use wise.
Nice to hear you got it working.