Pirate Audio 3W - buttons A and B not working


So I am reinventing a broken Roberts RIC2 radio with a raspberry pi zero W; paired with the on/off shim and the pirate audio 3W connected to the roberts’ old speaker which is still working fine.

I have the whole mopidy/spotify/streaming radio setup along with power switch (momentary) connected to the on/off shim working fine; it sounds great, LCD shows tracks being played so really works great. The fly in the ointment is the buttons A and B to control play/pause and volume down refuse to work. I’ve tried re-seating the pi; tried seperating the pi and pirate audio board with jumper pins (which messed up the LCD display). Editing the etc/mopidy/mopidy.conf file to use different pins (5 and 6 are default) didnt make any difference.

Any suggestions? I am a total newbie so i’m probably missing something obvious…