Pirate Radio correct format for URL streams?

Hello all,

I’ve set up my Pirate Radio as a VLC internet radio. If I find an internet station I want to add on to my list of favourites in the playlist.m3u file what exact form do I need to save the internet address as?

I take it I don’t just put in ‘www.exampleradiostation.com’, or do I?

Is there a format/naming convention I should be using?



Usually you’ll have to find your favourite radio station, and hunt for their actual stream URLs.

This is usually easier to do via an Internet Radio database, like vtuner.com, where the “Play” links will send you directly to a URL like:

And that format is what you’re looking for.

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Fantastic, I love this forum. Instant responses!

Have another biscuit on me, folks!


Sounds like a plan. Unfortunately I ate them all :D

You’re welcome! And give me a shout if you have trouble with any particular station. Some of them can be a little obtuse (often deliberately so you can only listen from their website).

Does it have to contain and actual IP address? Or can it be https://clasic.rock.middleofnowhere.com? I’ve been hunting up the m3u files for stations and some don’t have an actual IP address in them.

For me a whole host of types of links have worked and I don’t think many had up addresses in them. I found it easiest to just use trial and error to find links that worked.

Ok, I’ll have to try a few of the ones I just assumed wouldn’t work. My Pirate Radio is sitting idle at the moment but I have some extra bits on their way to make it better and will try adding some stations then. I have an IR remote kind of working but it quits randomly. That leaves me digging into the back of my case fumbling for the buttons on the pHat Beat. Mine is in an old sub woofer box. I’ll be adding some arcade buttons to do what the buttons on the pHat Beat do. Then see if I can fix my IR remote code so it doesn’t crap out. What I need to do is roll my code into the main VLCRadio python file. Something like that.