Pirate Radio does not join wifi Access Point


I have a fully working Pirate Radio that I use when travelling. I have various portable access points (all RPi’s) that use RaspAP to create AP’s. However Pirate Radio fails to connect to one specific AP that uses a single wifi to receive and transmit. My phone and tablet join this AP without a problem.
I am not sure using the single on-board wifi would be an issue but it’s the only difference I can see. My other RPi’s use a bridge to a second wifi or are wired. The wpa_supplicant.conf as multi-SSIDs and these work so I cannot see a wpa_supplicant error but… Has anyone seen a similar problem? I am keen to fix it even though it’s not a major problem.

Mine was a bit slow to connect and establish a good stream. While it was waiting for the WIFI to connect it would cycle through my playlist and I never really knew what station I was going to get. Sometimes I only got silence.
I went into the Raspberry Pi Configuration menu and ticked the box for “wait for network”. After doing that it now reliably starts on the station it was on when shut down. I don’t know if that will help you but I’m throwing it out there as something I noticed that “might” help.


Thanks for the info - I too had this issue so I have altered raspi-config to wait for network. I do get a result which is good for me. Pirate Radio now always picks the first station on my playlist - not the one I shutdown on but a step forward from where I was. I too would often get silence - now at least I can pick my initial station.
I have used the 20180202.zip installer on strech lite - is yours the same? Could that account for our difference?
Re my AP issue I have another piece of info - my not working AP is only sending out a 5Ghz signal - could this be the problem for Pirate Radio?

My station of choice is the first one in my list so maybe mine is going to the first entry also? I very rarely change stations. Still better than a loud hiss, lol. ;)

I do believe I did the curl https://get.pimoroni.com/vlcradio | bash. It’s been a while since I installed it.
On a Stretch with desktop install of Raspbian. I like doing all my setup from the GUI. Then the last thing I do is set it to boot to command line.

I tend to go headless and just use my lapotop’s remote terminal ssh app. So we may have different setups but your network idea is good for me - thanks!

I have been using putty a lot on my motion eye setups. Mostly for settling up my pan tilt hat. Your pretty restricted in what you can do in Motion Eye otherwise. It’s really locked down permissions wise.