Pirate Radio in an old-timey Roberts R600

I’m loving my Pirate radio and so I built it into a 70’s transistor radio (the classic Roberts R600) - I also took the opportunity to add a LiPo battery (just a 2600mAh power-bank) as well as a mains charger (an old Apple one). The bouncing coloured LED VUs look great behind the speaker grill and I’ve extended the HDMI and USB to the back of the radio in case.
Currently I’ve only extended two buttons to the top - next item and shutdown. The power-up is achieved with the switch built into the old volume knob which also works as volume. I thinking I’ll probably extend the pause button to one of the redundant radio buttons so that I can also run AirDac too!



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That is lovely - top work!

The vintage radio 1 sticker is the perfect finishing touch 😉

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