Pirate radio missing bits

Hey there

I’m just putting together my Pirate Radio - but I seem to be missing the spacers?
There’s three bags with the nuts and bolts (with one spare) and it has the blue legs, but no spacers. Is there something I’m missing?



Sorry about that! If you drop me a PM with your order number I’ll get some spacers sent out to you.



Hmmm - I can’t see an option to PM - looks like I might not have enough trust in Discourse yet to have permission?

The Pirate radio was actually a present I’m afraid - I could go back to the person who bought it and find out an order number I guess? Or send you a photo of the unit?


I’ve bumped your trust level, so you should hopefully be able to PM (I didn’t know it wasn’t available to new users, but that makes sense!)

If you don’t have an order number, then your address should suffice! It’s only spacers.

Ah yeah - I can see the “Message” button on your profile now :)

In the meantime - I think I’ve figured out an alternative. I’ve nicked 4 Hama beads from the kids and that seems to have done the job!

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