Pirate Radio /phat-beat

Aha, quite some time ago, then. It’s possible you could have received an early revision.

I’d be happy to send you a replacement Pi Zero W and pHAT BEAT to see how you get on.

We also have some experimental software for Pirate Radio which eliminates much of the setup process. Just format a blank SD card with SDFormatter and unzip the contents of this file to the root:

Then edit wpa_supplicant.conf with your WiFi SSID/PSK.

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Well, that’s most kind of you gadgetoid. I would be most grateful, as I like the idea and look of the pirate radio.
I wasn’t angling for you to bail me out to such an extent but I would be well pleased to accept your kind offer.
Many thanks,

Same address as your last order?

yes, please.
thanks again.

You’re most welcome! I read through this forum thread and felt your frustration. We’ve all been there!

Order confirmation email should be with you shortly!

Thank you.
I will have a go with the new software.
Best wishes,