Pirate Radio with stacked PHAT-DAC

Hi guys, I’ve just built the Pirate Radio kit and got it working. Along the way I realised that the installer doesn’t work with the buster lite distribution and I had to search for the Stretch Lite one which I eventually found here:


I had a few other problems with getting iris to work and had to do some tweaking to mopidy.conf file to get it working (locale, etc.). Anyway, it was all working but now now I’m trying to add the PHAT-DAC so I can have a high quality line out output. I’ve done the hardware part and stacked the PHAT-DAC. When I play a track my VU meters show that the track is playing but there is no sound from the speaker and no signal from the PHAT-DAC line out. I assume I need to modify /etc/asound.conf but I could do with a bit of guidance.

Ultimately I will want a way to switch between the speaker and the line out but it’s one step at a time and right now I haven’t got any sound.

Thank you

You may have an issue with two i2s devices connected at the same time.
I’m not sure if the Pi can differentiate between the two.
The Phat dac pinout is here

and the pHat Beat here

I see a couple of pin conflicts. You might get this to work if you only install what’s needed to get the LED’s working on the pHat Beat. Have a look see here.
The Controlling the VU meter LEDs separately part.