PiTFT 2.2

Hi there!

I couldn’t get my pitft 2.2 to work and I assumed I had screwed the screen as everytime I installed the software over my current rasbian distro I would encounter the following problem:

After installing and rebooting I would get the very initial boot up come through the hdmi to my tv and then it will disappear, I assume this is because it’s trying to use the pitft.

As I couldn’t see the command line on my TV or anything I had to format my SD card and reload rasbian onto it and start all over again. I kept trying but couldn’t get it to work so I put it down to the fact I broke the pitft with my dodgy soldering.

I have since bought another pitft and managed to solder the header on with no issues this time. Plugged it into the pi, installed the software into my current distro and yet again I have the same problem.

The issue I have now is that I don’t really fancy formatting my SD card again as I have only just managed to get my unicorn hat working.

Please are you able to shed any light on what exactly it is I’m doing wrong and let me know if there is a alway to get the pi to output through the hdmi without having to format the SD card?

Thanks for you help!

I know you got your answer via support, but it’s probably good for me to chime in on this one, so everyone can see.

The PiTFT currently doesn’t work on Pi 2- it’s mentioned on the Adafruit store page, but not on ours.

I suspect installing PiTFT on a Pi 2 will either completely break that Raspbian install, or at least change the settings enough that it’s hard to recover.

At the moment we’re totally relying on Adafruit to come up with Pi 2 compatible software, and thus have no idea how long that will take :(

If you’re at all familiar with SSH, I’d imagine it’s possible to get into your Pi and change the settings to get it working over HDMI, but I don’t know what those settings are. Hopefully they’re documented somewhere, I did find: https://forums.adafruit.com/viewtopic.php?f=47&t=60476&hilit=pitft

But I don’t know if it’s useful!

However this, linked from that thread, looks far more useful if you can get that SSH access: http://forums.adafruit.com/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=65171