PiTFT installed, limited hdmi display

I’ve just installed a PiTFT Plus 480x320 3.5 on my Pi 2B
I did the usual update / upgrade first and then went through the links from the Pimoroni site and followed the easy install guide.
At the end I said Y to the “do you want the console to appear on the PiTFT display” question.
The TFT works fine but my hdmi screen now displays a message “welcome to pixel powered by raspbian” message - I can’t swop the display back to hdmi even after reboot / removing the PiTFT
What I am missing please!

If you want to revert to the output on your HDMI display, it is quite likely that you need to disable the device tree overlay in /boot/config.txt

… search for a line starting with dtoverlay=pitft35 and comment it out. Hopefully this will work.

Just to expand, and to make things clear - my understanding is that if you direct the console to the TFT then the HDMI has no function from there on (meaning mid-way through booting).

X can only run on one display (although I believe there are hacks to ‘mirror’ screens) - you can split console and X server to separate screen, but not have X running on both concurrently.

… I believe that what is happening in your report is that when the console switches to the TFT, the last ‘output’ sticks to the HDMI display. Since with Raspbian ‘Pixel’ the console messages have been replaced by a splash screen then it will invariably seem to be ‘stuck’ on it.

Thanks for these replies, that’s helped clarify what is happening. I’l try the ‘dtoverlay’ when I get back home.