Plasma 2040 Circuit Python Help

I just finally got time to work with my Plasma 2040 and have loaded circuit python on it and am running into issues. This is my first time ever using a microcontroller or circuit python. I have a strip of dotstars connected and have tried the example laid out in this thread:

I’ve uncommented the dotstar line and commented the neopixel line and all I get is the onboard LED blinking red twice and repeating. I figure it’s something simple that I’m overlooking but I need a nudge in the right direction if possible. Just trying to get an example working so I can tweak from there…

Thanks in advance.

I suspect you’re missing a library somewhere - if you install Thonny or Mu and run your code through that you should be able to view the serial console and see what error it’s throwing?

I have both as I thought I needed them but then saw with circuit python you just edit the file and save so I’ve been using TextMate for that. I’ll pull up these apps and see if I can get any visibility into what is going on.

Finally got it working! Thonny was giving an error for the line calling the dotstar command. Ended up loading the libraries from the official Dotstar page (CircuitPython DotStar | CircuitPython Essentials | Adafruit Learning System) and tweaked their example script and got it running. Now on to trying to play with things and getting it to work with capacitive touch sensors!

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