Plasma Button Upgrade + 10 Inch RPI3 compatibility?

Hello RPI Fans!

I ordered my 10 Inch picade today + 10 button plasma Button Upgrade.

This combination should work fine because of X-Hat USB-C (with plasma button connector).

Can this button upgrade be used for the 8inch Version too ?

Another question please: 10inch Picade should work (because GPIO Pins are 1:1) with RPI3b or 3b+ too ? X-HAT must be powered with USB-C, internally everything should work as expected, slower but compatible ?

br Harald

There are a few posts here where people have used the 3B+ with the Picade X Hat. GPIO pinout is the same as with the Pi 4B. They went that route because Retro Pi wouldn’t run on a Buster / Pi 4. I’m pretty sure that’s solved by now though.
I don’t own a Picade, but as far as I know the 8 and 10 use the same buttons so a Plasma upgrade “should” be doable.

Thanks for your reply! There are many ready2use images (except installed pimoroni addon software), its good to be able to choose between them (different versions for RPI3 and RPI4).