Plasma2040 Enclosure

For any one interested in the Plasma2040, I have created a cover for this PCB which can be 3D printed and which allows access to the on-board push buttons. It does not, however, allow access to the QW/ST connector so if you use this port, this design is not for you. It can be found on the thingiverse web site,, as “Plasma2040 Cover”. NB This design is NOT a box but simply a cover for a Plasma2040 mounted on a flat surface and it assumes the PCB is mounted on 6mm stand-offs. Enjoy !

Hm, could you please post a link to your cover instead of a link to thingiverse? I can’t find it there if I search for “plasma2040”.

Hi bablokb, I am not too sure how thingiverse works but I think I saw that designs won’t appear for 24 hours after being submitted. If it hasn’t appeared by this time tomorrow, I will try to submit it again. I think I submitted it as “Plasma2040 Cover”.

Hi bablokb, I have obviously done something wrong with Thingiverse but will try to sort it in the next few days

Sorry bablokb, I have just spent a fruitless hour trying to get thingiverse to accept images of my cover but to no avail. It seems the text and other data are there but not the images but I am not prepared to spend any more time on it at the moment. It just keeps telling me the files don’t exist although I have made sure the file size is within their limit of 500kB, the file name is suitably short and the images appear as thumbnails on there edit page. ???

Hi, I can see your files and an image. Thanks for sharing. I also have the plasma but it is currently on the “list for future projects” so it will take some time until I will actually download and print it.

Hi bablokb, I suspect that it is unnecessary now but the link you asked for is Plasma2040 Cover by kingrf - Thingiverse. I have no idea where the blue images come from, it wasn’t me, but they appear to be accurate. The one showing the Plasma2040 PCB is the only one I uploaded !!!

I think the blue images are autogenerated from the STL-files.