Waterproofing a plasma2040

I’ve got a plasma2040 running with some LEDs which I want to use in a small greenhouse to provide light. I’ve got an outdoor socket, so I can run a 5m usb-c cable to provide enough power, the load is fine.

The led strip has a waterproof sleeve, I can hot glue the ends. However the plasma board is bare and I want to ensure the buttons can be pressed. The location is under the front frame of the green house (it’s about 1.2m tall). The location doesn’t get direct rain, how much do I need to worry about waterproofing the plasma. can I splash some 422C silicone conformal on it and hope for the best or should I build an enclosure?

Actually a “how to waterproof thing” learn article would be really helpful for this sort of thing.

We’ve used naked Plasma 2040s temporarily for sheltered outdoor stuff without issue (like attaching LEDs to tents at EMF!), but yeah, I think some waterproofing or an enclosure might be a good idea if you’re planning on installing one outside permanently.

I did a little bit of experimentation with attaching LEDs to my e-bike last year - I went for a plastic tupperware box (something like this) to house the Plasma and battery with a cable gland (something like this) in the side to pass the LED wires through - if you did something like that I guess you’d probably need to rig up an external button though.

I also bought some wide heatshrink (after reading about it in this tutorial) but I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet - might be a good option for keeping access to the buttons? Becky Stern at Adafruit has done lots of cool stuff about waterproofing/ruggedising electronics - Rugged Wearable Electronics - YouTube

Let us know how it goes :)

thanks Hel,
that’s a really detailed response. (Sorry busy day)
I’ve got a compost temperature sensor running off a RPI zero talking to HomeKit, but that’s a DS18B20 on a long cable, via a duct in my shed.

The Adafruit tutorial is really helpful. I guess I just need to settle for external buttons and heat shrink wrap them, as you suggest.

Wildlife camera after this one
Many thanks Gavin

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