Player X for P2 and Picade

I have a player x board intended for P2 but I cannot seem to get retroarch to recognize the inputs. I have tried a few combos of the old picade hat (usbh), keyboard (usbk), and player x (usbx) to no success.

All 3: Buttons on usbx don’t work.
Usbh and usbx: can’t get into retroarch menu which is typically f1 for me (not select+x for some reason) because I don’t have a keyboard.
Usbx and usbk: keyboard won’t load retroarch menu via f1 anymore.

Using a pi 3 b+.


So I wanted to put this down for the record. I plugged in the player x and the hat only. I set the buttons in emulation station for each controller. I forgot to note I am using a PIM106 console with the player x board.

I stumbled into the retroarch menu using the coin and top center button on the console. I could only exit retroarch using the coin and 2p button on the console. The escape button on the picade stopped exiting retroarch. I have no idea what buttons it defaults for the player x board and retroarch.

I set all the buttons for player 1 and 2 in retroarch and it worked! BUT my hotkey to exit retroarch was set to ESC and it doesn’t work. So I had to turn on Gamepad menu toggle when start + select are pressed and I exit retroarch through the menu. I can see that ESC is working in the command line and when I set the hotkey in retroarch it registers ESC, but it refuses to exit retroarch when I actually use it.

I’m a dummy. For some reason the enable hotkey button was not saving as “c” in retro arch for some reason. I was using one test game the whole time, but when I configured controls for a different game then it worked fine.

Last little things I had to do to complete this build was drill the new holes into the player x joystick mounting plate (didn’t have holes for old picade) and swap out the springs on the new joystick (required for the player x) with the old one that came with the console. The new joystick spring is waaaay lighter than the old zippy brand joystick spring.

Hope y’all like it. It took about a month to special order and build this bad boy.