PMS5003 Raspberry Pi Failed to read start of frame byte

I’ve just attached the PMS5003 to my raspberry pi 3 and I think it’s defective.

I’ve upgraded my pi
did sudo pip install pms5003
disabled serial terminal in raspi-config
enabled uart in /boot/config.txt
added dtoverlay=pi3-miniuart-bt to /boot/config.txt

I then connected TX to UART RX, RX to UART TX, EN to GPIO 22, RESET to GPIO 27, 5v to 5v and Gnd to Gnd.

The fan is spinning but when I run the script below I get “pms5003.SerialTimeoutError: PMS5003 Read Timeout: Failed to read start of frame byte”. I’ve tried rebooting, leaving it for ages, reseating the connectors. I’ve written a seperate test script and there’s nothing coming in over UART. I don’t think it’s working.

from pms5003 import PMS5003
pms5003 = PMS5003(
data =

Any ideas much appreciated