Possible faulty Ultra Mini wireless keyboard

Received the wireless keyboard from Pimoroni on 19th November 2014. Attempted to fully charge said device immediately as suggested in the brief instructions. Both yellow flashing (battery low warning light) and lower red battery charging lights go on.for a few seconds before going out. Thats it. How do I know when the unit is fully charged?

In addition, the Caps lock warning light does not appear to work.

I have tried to communicate said faults with Pimoroni via their Contact us but get 48 hour delays in replies and no practical answers.

Why should it be so difficult to communicate direct with someone from their support team?

Can anyone shed a light on how to tell when the unit is fully charged? Or have I a faulty unit?

Ahoy! Sorry you haven’t had a prompt and satisfactory response.

The 48 hour delays are, for the most part, because we just don’t know the answer. The support ticket will circle internally around all the technical guys ( like me, for example ) and we’ll say “oh have they tried this or that”, and then all that gets distilled into something we can actually send back to you as a coherent response.

Technical guys tend to be busy doing technical things, though, so there can ( and usually will ) be delays. We’re also not so technical when it comes to sealed products like the Wireless keyboard- we don’t make it, so when it does something unexpected it’s often a series of educated guesses or anecdotal experiences that weed out the problem.

Anyway, I digress! Have you tried charging the keyboard overnight to see if it springs back into life? I have one of these keyboards at home, and I tend to just plug it in and forget about it when it runs out.

If all else fails, I’m sure we’ll get you out a replacement. I can’t say for certain that it’s faulty, but it sounds that way. Since the battery in mine is currently flat ( I lost it down the side of the sofa for a while ) I’ll plug it in tonight and see if I get the same behaviour!

Again, sorry for the delays, and I’ll get your ticket prodded. It came around to me yesterday, in fact.

I did charge the unit for about 6 hours, despite no lights being lit at any point, apart from the initial few seconds of being on charge. Result, the yellow (battery low warning) light then flashes constantly, as it did previously. In addition, as mentioned previously, the ‘Caps Lock’ warning light (below the red battery charge light) does not work, either.

The manufacturers website you suggest is not very English oriented - responses appear to be in Chinese of some form!

As advised previously, my initial order number was 16861. Please advise soonest as to how and to whom I should return item. I wish for a replacement item. Is there any possibility that the replacement unit can be checked for proper charging, before being sent to me?

Chris Brockbank